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Clinical Alternative Resource Extension

Unlimited Monthly Visits

Individual and Family Plans

A Subsidiary of SEAPCA


Being uninsured and being encountered by medical bills, long waiting for appointments, services, and unnecessary costly ER / Urgent Care visits can cause problems. We have a solution, CareVIP©. As a subsidiary of Southeast Arkansas Primary Care Associates (SEAPCA), CareVIP© offers new patients and current SEAPCA patients unlimited monthly visits and VIP rewards at very affordable monthly rates.

  • Unlimited Monthly Visits

  • Individual and Family Plans

  • Immediate same day or next business day appointments

  • Fast Service – Minimal Clinic Wait times

  • Access to Quality Healthcare Providers

  • Discounts on Medications received in clinic

  • Discounts on all Procedures and Treatments Performed in Clinic

  • Discounts on Various Prescription Drugs

  • Access to Providers via Phone Consultations

  • Convenient Medication Refills

  • Referrals to Specialists

  • Much More                                      See our Coverage Plans


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To Inquire, stop by the clinic at 3801 W 28th Ave., Pine Bluff.

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